2 for Dinner Plan

2 dinners to enjoy together, or by yourself.  You can order two dinners per day or choose lunches or breakfasts.

  • 2 Regular Sized Meals a Day 102102
  • 5 Days a week (10 meals per delivery)
  • You Choose Your Meals

5 days / delivery (10 meals / delivery)


This plan is delivered Ontario Wide on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays by courier during the day.

5 Days of Meals

You will receive 2 meals for each day in your delivery. We will let you know on the label which are safe to freeze for later in the week and which should be eaten first.

Ordering Schedule

Ordering deadline is Mondays at 1 pm for delivery on Thursdays & Fridays at 1 pm for delivery on Tuesdays.  You can order 2 -3 weeks ahead and make changes before the deadline.