FC:CF Special Plans

Get Monday Morning delivery to your favourite gym (that is FC:CF of course).

Welcome to Lakelands! Let us help get you there and keep you there.

FC:CF has partnered with Lakelands to offer you a special meal plan that has been designed for your needs. You are also free to pass this deal onto your family members.

All deliveries will be to the gym and available for pickup early Monday mornings. We take back the coolers, just make sure you drop them off at the gym no later than Sunday during regular hours. Ordering deadlines are Fridays @ 1pm but you can order and select your meals a few weeks in advance at any time.

Below are signups for 1 delivery of 10 meals in regular or large sizes. Don’t worry this is not an automatic subscription plan, we never bill you automatically. Also if you are away for a week just don’t select your meals and any deliveries you have pre-purchased will be waiting for you.

You are also eligible to use our regular promo codes. Signup on one of our socials or our email list to get the new ones as they come out.

Click below to select your plan.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at tom@lakelandsdietdelivery.com

10 Large Meals5 Dinners + 5 lunches or breakfastsGood for active men and very active women – 500 Cal lunch and 600 Cal Dinner

Includes All Taxes and Delivery

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10 Regular Meals5 Dinners + 5 Lunches or BreakfastsGood for women and men with fewer calorie needs – 400 Cal Lunch and 450 Cal Dinner

Includes All Taxes and Delivery

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