What if I want a refund?

No problem, but we will be sad to see you go though. We ask for a 10% of the total order cancellation fee and any meals in production or delivered will not be refunded. The best thing to do is book your days off then call us so no delays and remove the possibility of getting meals you don't want. The day pricing will also be adjusted for the closest price plan to the days delivered. For example, if you sign up for 30 days and wish to leave after 6, those days will be assessed at the higher 6 day rate. For the cancellation fees, delivery, damage and theft policies please see our Terms and Conditions.

Is your site safe?

We use high level encryption just like the banks when sending data from you to us and back.  No one will know about your brownie addiction, or your credit card. We actually don't store your credit card ever on our site. Our credit processor stores all that info for us, they are PCI 1 compliant. When you enter it in we get a token (a bunch of random characters) and we send that to them to request a purchase. We don't sell or rent any individual customer data ... ever!  

Do you offer discounts?

Yes.  We offer discounts regularly. Join our email list and our social accounts to get the promo codes when they come out. We believe you should reward loyal customers, so unlike others our promo codes will work for new and existing customers.