I workout do you have anything for me?

Yes.  We have special larger meals with larger snacks that can work for you.  If you are a serious gym goer and find you need to add a bit you can also supplement your diet with healthy foods of your choosing, like shakes and bars. If you are Michael Phelps and need 12,000 calories a day, maybe not.

I don’t need to lose weight – is your plan right for me?

Yes. There are many reasons people will want to join Lakelands Diet Delivery. Weight loss is an important one but eating well all the time is just as important. You may want the convenience of having someone else make gourmet meals for you. You also may like the idea of not having to go grocery shopping and free up more time to enjoy your healthy lifestyle.

I want to lose weight – How much weight will I lose?

Most people will lose about 1 - 2 pounds a week. Losing and gaining weight is a simple matter of how many calories you eat and how much you use (medical exceptions of course). Eat more than you use you gain weight, eat less you lose weight. Exercise (even just walking) is a great way to use more calories. At the beginning of weight loss the usual formula applies - 1 lb of fat equals 3500 calories, burn 500 cals more per day over 7 days is 3500 calories or 1 lb of fat. You may lose more weight per week but it could be water and lean mass. The 500 cal difference can be just from eating less, exercising more or both. As your weight goes down (5 - 10%) to keep getting the same results you will need to reduce calories further and/or increase your exercise. At a certain point you will not be able to reduce your calories any further to lose weight, you will need to only increase exercise.  At this point you should be at a much healthier weight and have more energy so more exercise is not that difficult. To maintain the weight off you need to continuing eating healthy foods at the right calorie level and maintain exercising How much your food is processed is also important. Typically the less processed the food the more work your body will need to do to get to the calories. Lakelands Diet Delivery makes fresh meals from fresh food it is not processed (some snacks are but you have alternate choices that are not). The type of food is also important. Most people don't eat nearly enough vegetables, fruits and good fats. We use a lot, so you might find your body needs a bit of time to get used to digesting well balanced meals. After a week or 2 you will feel the difference and you will find you have more energy and your meals don't make you slow down and feel heavy.