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The advice given herein, on our website, and from our representatives is not intended to replace the advice of your medical practitioner. If you are currently under the care of a physician, or are currently being treated for any health condition, consult with your health care provider prior to starting this or any other nutrition or dietary program. This diet program may require you to alter your medication, which must be done under the direction of your physician. Neither we, nor our experts, partners, or any of their affiliates will be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or other damages that may result including but not limited to, economic loss, injury, illness or death. We make no representations or warranties concerning the effectiveness of our products. We shall be in no way responsible for the improper use or storage of our products.

We shall not be responsible for delay or non-delivery of shipment if occasions by natural disasters, weathers storms, accidents, lockouts, breakdown of machinery, or stoppage of labour.

Ordering Procedure

The client is responsible for making their menu selections online by 1pm Friday for Sunday/Tuesday deliveries and 1pm Monday for Wednesday/Thursday deliveries. To cancel or re-commence delivery, the client is responsible for making changes to their account online before the above deadlines. If the client prefers, they can call or email customer service to make such changes. To communicate that the email has been received, customer service will reply with confirmation of the requested change. If the client does not receive a confirmation email or phone call, it is his or her responsibility to call customer service and confirm the change.

Delivery Policy

Lakelands Diet Delivery is not responsible for the loss or damage of meals after the meals have been dropped off at a safe delivery area of your choice if you have provided instructions for a safe area otherwise your front door. Meals are delivered after 5 pm on Sunday and Wednesday for local delivery in Waterloo Region and Guelph. For Toronto to Hamilton & London/Stratford meals are delivered late afternoon/evening on Sundays. Meals are delivered by courier before 8 pm on Tuesday and Thursday for extended delivery areas in Ontario unless a statutory holiday happens the day of the delivery or the day before, then delivery will be delayed by one business day. Deliveries usually take one day and will be delivered on Tuesday or Thursday. Deliveries may take 2 days if the courier is delayed for any reason. We always pack enough ice for at least 2 days. If your meals are damaged or spoiled Lakelands Diet Delivery must be notified within 12 hours of the expected time the unsatisfactory meals were delivered to receive compensation meal credits. Pictures of the damaged meals must accompany your claim.  Compensation meal(s) will be added to your next or future delivery or will be issued in the form of a store credit. No refunds are given for delivered meals.

Damage Claims

Lakelands Diet Delivery will compensate for damaged meals under the following conditions by program.

All Programs

All damage claims must be made within 12 hours of receiving the meals and must be accompanied with pictures that clearly show each damaged meal.  Without pictures we will not accept any claim.

Only one stolen claim ever per customer will be considered.

Local (Waterloo Region & Guelph) Plans & A la carte

If the cooler is delivered to a person there is a 100% guarantee on damaged meals for any plan length.

If cooler is left unattended and damage occurs to the meals pictures must be submitted within a few hours of delivery and we will review the cause of the damage.  If the damage would have happened if delivered to a person we will replace the meals on next delivery.

Any other damage we will have to review and any future deliveries the client will have to provide delivery to a person or a mutually agreed up safe location to leave the cooler.  We will only accept 1 claim for this type of other damage.

Extended Area (Ontario Wide)

Photos of the damage will be reviewed and any replacement meals will be added to the clients next delivery.

Stolen claims will not be accepted, we will provide proof of delivery.


All meal-plans (6, 12, 15 or 30 day plans) purchased through Lakelands Diet Delivery are refundable and transferable. If cancelled in the same day as the credit processing happened so that the transaction can be voided but before any production deadline there is a 100% refund,  after the first day a 10% processing fee on any remaining payment requested before the production deadlines will be returned. All meals delivered or in production are non-refundable. Daily plan prices will be adjusted to the higher plan price. For example, if a plan of 30 days was purchased and was cancelled after 15 days, the 12 day price plan will be used in determining the price of the meals already delivered.

Coolers and Ice Packs

For local area deliveries (Waterloo Region & Guelph) outstanding coolers and ice packs must be left in the requested delivery location on the client’s last day of delivery by 5 pm; we will not collect the one last cooler. To be safe, you should leave out your cooler on the evening that your program ends. There is a $15.00 fee for each cooler that is not returned at the end of your service.

For extended service deliveries (Ontario Wide) coolers, boxes and ice are not returned to us, please dispose of in an environmentally safe manner. You may return to us at your own expense or drop off in Waterloo if you wish.

Termination of Use

Lakelands Diet Delivery reserves the right in its sole discretion to refund your purchase and terminate your access to Lakelands Diet Delivery services at anytime and without notice.