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At Lakelands we have always had your health as our primary mission. How we promote and protect your health has become more important. We know the comfort of having a fridge full of delicious meals. As always we are here to help you through this next challenge.

Trusted Meal Choice You Choose Your Meals Select from our menu that changes every delivery See our next delicious menu > Science Lakelands Diet Delivery The Science of Nutrition The Art of Cuisine Whole Foods WHOLE FOOD NO PRESERVATIVES Testimonials What Our Customers Say "In the 16 weeks of using Lakelands, I have lost 18 lbs. This is the easiest and tastiest diet I have ever tried. It has taught me what correction portion sizes look like. I recommend Lakelands Diet Delivery to anyone looking for a healthy, sustainable change in their lifestyle.” Cathy Kitchener "So glad I found Lakelands. Their meals are always fresh and delicious. I've tried other meal delivery services and Lakelands has been the best option for me so far, even lost some weight already! Highly recommend this company." Maggie London "I finished my first 30 days and I haven't eaten the same thing twice and all of it was fantastic. What a selection!" Kyle Waterloo "My son is at university for his first year and after his first few weeks of eating chicken nuggets and pizza he wasn't feeling healthy at all. Lakelands was just the ticket, he feels better, got some more colour and has more energy. Thanks guys!" Steve Toronto features Lakelands Diet Delivery meal prep delivery service PREMIUM HEALTHY MEALS HEALTHY FATS LOW SODIUM RED SEAL CHEF FAMILY BUSINESS TRUSTED SIGN UP > Also Available: Diabetic Friendly Gluten Free Vegetarian Dairy Free Low Carb
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Lakelands meals are
  • fresh.
  • healthy.
  • delicious.
  • choice.
  • affordable.
  • low sodium.
  • heart smart.
  • chef prepared.
  • tasty.
  • local.

Quality & Selection

Our Chef has created exceptional healthy delicious menus with over 500 healthy meals, you will never get bored! Our prepared meals were developed with your desire for healthy eating in mind. Our healthy meals exceed Canada’s Food Guide recommendations.



Affordable & Easy

Our healthy meal plans are affordable and accessible. We offer FREE delivery Ontario Wide. We do all the meal prep! No shopping, no cooking, no cleaning. Enjoy your food, learn portion control and get healthier – all at an affordable price!




Heart Healthy Meals

Lakelands Diet Delivery is a healthy wholesome meal plan designed to keep blood cholesterol low and prevent the risk of heart disease. We do this by making meals that are low in unhealthy fats, cholesterol, processed sugar and sodium.

Optional Choices

We follow the typical lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. That means NO flesh at all. Things like cheeses, yeasts, honey and eggs are included in meals.

For all meals, regular and large, we have 28 – 32 g of net carbohydrates. Our large meals gain calories from increasing the protein, not the carbs, actually we do this for all our meals. Snacks are little trickier. They have between 1 – 10 g of net carbohydrates, you will need to check these when selecting.

We work hard to make it difficult for you to tell something is gluten-free. For the menu items marked Gluten-Free we use NO:

  • White Flour
  • Whole Wheat Flour
  • Durum Wheat
  • Graham Flour
  • Triticale
  • Kamut
  • Semolina
  • Spelt
  • Wheat Germ
  • Wheat Bran
  • Rye
  • Barley

We do use PURE oat and no wheat soy sauce.

These meals include no milk products – no milk and no cheese.

Years' Experience
+ Menu Items
% Healthy


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