How did soldiers eat on the front and families at home during wartime?

Poppies_in_the_Sunset_on_Lake_GenevaWe will be taking time today to remember those that have come before and what they did in sacrifice to shape a world for their children. In trying to honour memories either close to home or trying to imagine for many of us it is helpful to think about daily life.  Nothing is done more on a daily basis than eating, so here are a few items you might find interesting to help you connect. The Canada War museum has some wonderful online photo archives. This one is about daily routines in the trenches, here are a couple guys having lunch. Ever wonder what they actually ate on the front?  Here is a blog on various official recipes. What about at home? This is a fascinating pdf of a booklet given to Canadian families in 1940 by the CMA (Canadian Medical Association) with weekly amounts and prices for families of various sizes. The Canadian Army does research into rations and recipe development. Here is a recent look at what new meal items they may have in the future.


candy_tableHalloween is a great time for having fun with the kids. For the kids you just can't get away from the candy and it wouldn't really be the same without it.  My kids also love getting the halloween themed pencils, erasers, stickers, notepads, anything glow in the dark - those are their prized wins from a night of trick or treating. For yourself, what do you do with all the left over candy? Get it out of sight and mind, bring it to work and share your bounty. A little treat for a large group is not a big deal, a big treat for a little you will be a big deal. Next year when you have a party for friends get creative.  All those bright colours and flavours in candy are just trying to replicate the bright colours and wonderful tastes in naturally ripe fruit and veggies.  We have included some links to a few ideas below The best thing after a halloween binge is to try and get back to eating healthy.  Lakelands Diet Delivery can help you out will that. Sign up today and we will do all the work to get you a healthy balanced meal. http://www.brit.co/healthy-halloween-snacks/ http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/GettingHealthy/NutritionCenter/HealthyEating/How-to-Have-a-Heart-Healthy-Halloween_UCM_317432_Article.jsp#.VjjAVrerTct

Vitamins and Eating Well

Vitamins and other supplements will be in the news for the usual winter news cycle. One big reason most people take them is they feel they are not eating well enough and can use a little help. With Lakelands Diet Delivery your food is well balanced and contains tonnes of vegetables and fruits as well as high quality protein and good fats. Start knowing that you ARE eating healthy signup today at LakelandsDietDelivery.com http://www.cbc.ca/natureofthings/episodes/the-curious-case-of-vitamins-and-me CBC has a new doc coming out on the subject. It will be interesting to see what conclusions they come to.