What type of Restaurant are you?

chefFireI have had a few conversations with people wondering why we can’t just take their order and deliver immediately.

The short answer is it comes to quality. We prepare premium meals with the freshest ingredients possible that our chef personally selects once an order is placed. We need to get the ingredients for all our customers at once and plan out their meals and any special dietary considerations then get to work in the kitchen.

How Do You Differ From Restaurants?

There are 3 broad categories of well visited restaurants: fast, chain and chef run. For point of comparison we charge $10.16 for a dinner with tax.

Fast Food

Fast food only has one thing going for it, it is fast. Other than that everything is heavily processed, has tonnes of preservatives and way too much unhealthy fat and salt.  If you want to gain unhealthy weight fast, this is your stop.  If you are ever interested have a look at the nutritional information, is really scary. I saw a breakfast sandwich at a burger place and they had 2200 calories just for one sandwich and the salt was pretty much above total daily intake. We are basically the opposite of this.

Dinner price around $10.

Chain Table Service Restaurants

These are the ones you find everywhere especially power centres and tourist areas.  How they work is the menu is developed to be as cost effective as possible. They get most of their food shipped in pre-done, they just have to reheat and plate by a kitchen worker.  It is really strange to go to the same chain restaurant in 2 different provinces and the food tastes and looks exactly the same.  To get this they heavily process the food, pre-portion it and freeze it raw, par cooked or fully cooked then store it for months and ship it across the country.  This reduces the flavour and the quality of the nutrients. You get the flavour back by using salt (a lot of it) and the nutrients are usually just lost.

They do offer fresh produce and the salads are usually okay. Watch out for the dressing, their nutritional information usually has a little trick of doing the light option they offer of half the dressing, which no one ever orders. A 500 calories salad can very quickly go to a 800 calorie one with increasing the dressing. The problem is they want you to feel like you had a good deal, so they load your plate with way too many processed carbs and sauces made from fat.  You feel bloated if you eat a full meal; too many calories, too much salt, too much fat.

Dinner price around $15 – $30.

Chef Run Professional Restaurants

These are the closest to us in terms of the quality of the ingredients used and skill used in preparing the meals. Chefs select the best and freshest ingredients just like we do, you can definitely taste the difference. Their meals tend to be heavier and you are not there to keep an eye on your health, so a few courses at least are likely.  Where we differ is our chef uses the same techniques and skills but applies them to healthy meals. We have nutritional resources we use to calculate all the nutritional information to be as accurate as possible and have in past sent meals to a lab to confirm our resources give the same results.

Dinner price easily above $30.

Why we are cheaper

So how can it be we are at least 60% cheaper than a similar quality meal?  This is where we heavily differ from the restaurant model and fall into the new category of prepared meal delivery.

  • We have a professional kitchen but not the cost of a dining room.
  • We have highly trained staff that are very efficient.
  • We don’t have any waste, we only get ingredients for meals that are already ordered. Restaurants need to keep a stock of ingredients in case it gets ordered. The waste of unordered food significantly raises the meal price.
  •  Even though we have a HUGE number of meals on our menu we can plan our menus carefully to take advantage of volume discounts and in season ingredients.
  • Our state of the art technology allows us to stay very organized while still offering individual customer flexibility.
  • We make a lot more meals than a restaurant.
  • You buy and get delivered 6 to 9 meals plus snacks at a time.

In short we can maintain very high quality while saving money and passing the savings on to you so you can eat healthy at a very affordable price.



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