Salt is the Devil! Not

spoonSaltEvery health worry or trend has a grain of truth to it. Salt is an interesting one. With an aging population we constantly hear from our friends and family as well as the media that too much salt is really bad for blood pressure. This is true.  What most people that go on a salt bender fail to understand is you MUST have salt to survive and that a daily range of salt is healthy for you.  So how much is enough and how much is too much? Have a look at this Health Canada page on sodium intake.  To make it simple, for adults they don't recommend more than 2300 mg per day.  How much is that? 2300 mg of salt works out to a teaspoon actually.  So salt from all sources should be less than that.  The bottom end of what you need is 1300-1500 mg for most adults. The biggest problem in limiting salt is how you eat. If you eat processed meals or fresh meals prepared for a long time in a supermarket you are guaranteed to be way over 2300 mg a day. If you eat fast food you could likely double that. How does Lakelands Diet Delivery stack up? Average salt by meal:
  • Breakfast - 394 mg
  • Lunch - 523 mg
  • Dinner - 463 mg
  • Snacks - 160 mg
So an average day on 3 regular meals and 2 regular snacks would be 1700 mg on a Lakelands Diet. Well below the 2300 mg recommended maximum.  You will have to add in what you drink as well. Waterloo region has had some issues with sodium in the drinking water. Tests done in 2011 showed a litre of straight out of the tap water contains on average 54 mg, so your 2 liters of water a day is going to be over 100 mg. Other drinks:
  • One cup of milk contains about 120 mg
  • Black coffee is 4.7 mg per 8 oz (good thing)
  • Black tea is 9.5 mg
  • Orange juice 2.5 mg
  • Can of Coke 15 mg
  • Arizona Ice Tea - 10 - 20 mg
  • 2L Softened Water - 1000 mg
At Lakelands we show the sodium for every meal so you could select a much lower amount if recommended from your doctor. If you are worried about salt and want to eat a healthy amount we have you covered. Sign Up today. More from Health Ambition

Our CTV Appearance

Our Executive Chef Keith Mitchell on CTV today! Talking about the International Year of the Pulses. Also demonstrating how we use pulses in our recipes for your health. http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=789053&binId=1.1152039&playlistPageNum=1#_gus&_gucid=&_gup=Facebook&_gsc=OX6ZulM http://kitchener.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=789053&binId=1.1152039&playlistPageNum=1#_gus&_gucid=&_gup=Facebook&_gsc=OX6ZulM

Cabin Fever Cures

NewYear2016One of the biggest problems people face in the winter is they cocoon in their houses and inevitably start snacking, watch Netflix, more snacking, catch the game more snacking and so on.  This is where weight gain can sneak up on you. Enjoying the Canadian winter can be great fun. I remember many a great sunny afternoon cross country skiing in Waterloo and Centennial Parks. Waterloo Park next to the old Lions pool had this giant wooden slide you dragged your toboggan up the ramp in the back  then you went down the hill on the other side of the road. Dodging pine trees at mach 3 was definitely thrilling. My kids say that explains alot. Maintaining weight in summer many people find easier mostly because they are too busy to snack much.  Keeping yourself busy outside the house in winter will also keep the snacking down to healthy levels. Nothing to do in the winter?  Here's a list of 97 things to do in Waterloo region from trip advisor https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attractions-g154993-Activities-Region_of_Waterloo_Ontario.html Want some more help to lose then keep that weight off, try out Lakelands Diet Delivery and find out what healthy snacking is about sing up here today. We also have a promo code for you enter REACH to get your savings.

Give The Gift Of Health

Give the Gift of HealthI was talking to my doctor the other day and the topic of weight loss came up.  He was telling me every person he refers to the dietician always has at least one demon that is causing the majority of their weight problems. Whether it's that pastry every morning, the 1000 calorie coffee drink everyday, late night sweets snacking, and so on ...  No matter how good they are for the rest of the day that one thing sinks all their good work. Lakelands Diet Delivery can help your loved one reach their weight loss goals and keep that demon away. Our meal plans show how much to eat and what to eat to be healthy. We also offer up to 3 snacks so that that late night demon can be feed, but with food that won't make you gain weight. Meal plans start at $17.99 per day ($15.29 with promo code 15offNow until Dec 31 2015).   [button link="https://www.lakelandsdietdelivery.com/programs-and-pricing/" type="primary" size="large"]Give the Gift of Health - Sign Up Today! [/button]

Flu Shots

fluShotIt's that time of year again, flu season is getting into full swing. If you are looking to get your flu shot here are the clinic time for Waterloo Region public health and other location information. Not sure if flu shots are safe or if you should get them. The CDC has an excellent comprehensive review on the subject. This time of year it is very important to have a healthy diet.  The healthy you are the healthier your immune system is.  The best way to do that is eat a well balanced meal every day. Signup for Lakelands Diet Delivery and let us do all the work to help give you a healthy diet, body and immune system.