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NewYear2016One of the biggest problems people face in the winter is they cocoon in their houses and inevitably start snacking, watch Netflix, more snacking, catch the game more snacking and so on.  This is where weight gain can sneak up on you.

Enjoying the Canadian winter can be great fun. I remember many a great sunny afternoon cross country skiing in Waterloo and Centennial Parks. Waterloo Park next to the old Lions pool had this giant wooden slide you dragged your toboggan up the ramp in the back  then you went down the hill on the other side of the road. Dodging pine trees at mach 3 was definitely thrilling. My kids say that explains alot.

Maintaining weight in summer many people find easier mostly because they are too busy to snack much.  Keeping yourself busy outside the house in winter will also keep the snacking down to healthy levels.

Nothing to do in the winter?  Here’s a list of 97 things to do in Waterloo region from trip advisor

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