8 Glasses a Day is Good For … Not You!


Many people have fallen prey to the myth of having to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  So no you don’t need to drink that much, and yes you count the water in your food and drinks.

It seems to have started with a report from the US Food and Nutrition Board in 1945 that observed that healthy women seemed adequately hydrated consuming about 91 ounces (2.7 liters) of water a day and men about 125 ounces (3.7 liters). These were basic observations, no scientific study at all.  Pretty much the next line says eating a healthy diet you get enough water from what you eat and drink.

All the water companies wanting you to drink more definitely have a best interest in mind, just not yours, their profits.

In the vast majority of cases your natural thirst is good enough to know when to drink. Some medical conditions and old age do mess with letting you know when you are thirsty, but it reduces the signal it does not remove it.

Many people give weight loss advice to drink lots of water since it will reduce your hunger.  Will it work, not really thirst and hunger are different systems.  What is true is if you drink water with a meal instead of a drink with calories you will consume less calories.  One caveat to this is that eating fresh foods rich with water inside do seem to help people consume fewer calories.

Some argue that if you don’t drink the extra water everyday you will have a chronic dehydration condition.  Not true also. Dehydration is not a chronic condition.  If you are dehydrated you either drink or get a drip and then it is gone immediately nothing chronic about it. There are some conditions that mess with thirst regulation but this is not what most people are talking about and most people going to the gym are not in danger of extreme dehydration that could cause an injury.

So in short eat a healthy fresh diet and by all means have a glass of water with your meals and you will get enough for the day.  If you need some help with a fresh diet or would like the convenience of someone else to make it for you, Lakelands Diet Delivery is here for you, see our fresh hydrated plans here.

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